Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just about that time again.

We took an actual "summer" break this year. I needed it and I'm pretty sure the kiddos did too. But here in a few weeks we'll getting back to the daily school grind. Kadi is on pins and needles waiting to start back up. :)

Besides the summer break we are trying something new. Up to this point I have always browsed, hunted down and made Kadi's curriculum from scratch, making sure she got everything she "needed" for the year as well as being super flexible to teach whatever she was interested in. This year she will be using Bob Jones University Press curriculum. It is Christian based and laid out very well, there is little prepping involved and I can spend more time playing with the kiddos and less time searching for materials. :) She, Adam and a few of her homeschool friends will be joining Dustin on Saturdays for Music lessons and joining the friend's mom one a day a week for Art. :) She and Adam will also be working on signing more this year.

Adam will be doing a letter of the week curriculum. Most of his lessons will come from Confessions of a Homeschooler's letter of the week curriculum but we are changing the themes for a few of the letters, for example COAH letter B is for Butterfly, I was looking for a "B is for Bug" and found "B is for Boat" which Adam is SUPER excited about. :) Oh and his most favorite is "M is for Monster Trucks". . how cool is that? :) And to make things EVEN BETTER, I found a Star Wars Preschool Unit. :)

I am hoping to post a general weekly schedule here soon, however I still plan on staying flexible as much as possible. I want learning to be fun for them, not feel like a chore.

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