Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reading Assessment

Well after chatting with a friend yesterday it got me wondering exactly WHERE Kadi is in her reading. So after chatting with another friend about where/how to assess her I just started googling. I found quite a few sites. Went to two.

The first one was from Sound Reading and was very simple and just spoke some words and "nonsense" words. After hearing the word she had to choose from a dropdown menu and choose what she thought the word was. Here are her results from that one:
Reading Assessments

After seeing the results, I was like "no way". Soooo I didn't fully trust the results and looked into another more complicated test. I did this one thru Here are the results from that one:
Reading Assessment

The second one is a bit complicated to read since I had to make it smaller in order to fit it all on one screen. But the last few lines are the most important. . . .
Reading Assessment- clip

"Independent Reading Level*: 3rd grade
Instructional Reading Level**: 4th grade

* Independent Level: This is the level at which you can read by yourself with no help. You should choose books at this level to read for fun.

** Instructional Level: This is the level at which you should practice your reading strategies with help from a more experienced reader. to improve as a reader."

So according to these two test Kadi is reading at a 3rd-4th grade level. WOO HOO!