Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013-2014 Course of Study

Here we go. Another wonderful year of homeschooling ahead of us. I can't help but get all giddy just thinking about it.

Although we loved Bob Jones University Press curriculum we will be making some changes this year due to what we believe may be a learning style clash.

I bring to you our 2013-2014 curriculum choices and resources. :)

Kadence will be in 5th grade this year. She is still steadily moving along.

Bible - We will be using BJU Bible Truths for second grade. We will be using second grade for two reasons. One we feel Kadi's Bible knowledge is a lower level than her core knowledge and two we will be doing this subject with Adam. So I wanted something a little more middle ground for them.

Math - Horizons Math 5. This was our first change away from BJU. Although we liked BJU we could tell about half way through last school year that Kadi was loosing interest. She likes to learn the material and move on. After MUCH research I think Horizons may be a great choice for her.

Science - BJU Science 5 plus a couple "just because" units, BJU 5 does not cover Astronomy and both children REALLY want to do Astronomy this year. Sooooo we'll use the same unit I used when Kadi was in Kinder/first as a fun fill in.

Heritage Studies - BJU Heritage Studies 5.

Language Arts - Our biggest change this year. Kadi will be using Switched on Schoolhouse 5th grade. It is a computer program and it grades a good majority of her work for me. It includes Writing, Spelling, Reading and English.

Spelling - All About Spelling Level 1 for extra practice and for a fill in on possible gaps from past curriculums.

Art - Weekly Co-op
Music - Guitar and Guitar Co-op
Dance - Kadi will be taking Ballet and Jazz as well as be in the performance troupe at the Fountain Arts Center

Adam will be in 1st/2nd this year. He is still in limbo between grades as he is progressing quickly through the 1st grade work but I want him to complete the curriculum before moving forward so not to have any gaps. He should be done by Christmas break and will come back as a 2nd grader. :) I'll post the update on curriculum as that time comes.

Bible - BJU Bible Truths with Kadi.

Math - BJU Math 1st grade and LOTS of fun interactive games. He may be advancing quickly but he is still only 5 afterall so we still do lots of hands on games.

Science - BJU Science 1st grade. Abeka Health and Safety 1st grade. Astronomy Unit with Kadi.

Heritage Studies - BJU Heritage Studies 1st grade.

English - BJU English and Phonics 1st grade.

Reading - BJU Reading 1st grade.

Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting level B

Spelling - All About Spelling Level 1

Art - Art Co-op
Dance - Adam will be taking Ballet and Tap again at the Fountain Arts Center.

As we all know these are just starting points and changes are possible. We'll see. :)