Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dry Bones

The head bone's connected to the neck bone. . .

This week in science is the skeletal system. Which Kadi is SUPER excited about since we bought a mini skeleton for her to build. We also borrowed a AWESOME human body model from some other homeschooling buddies. I'll post pictures on that one. It is too cool to even describe. hehe

In other subjects we will be learning about verbs and more on subtraction.

*My great find for the day
A boardgame called Scabs N Guts. LOL Unfortunately I didn't get it for the $15 advertises, I bought it at Toys R Us earlier, played it and THEN saw the link. . . but still thought it was worth the $24 I spent. It is a fun and definitely interesting game, stumping the best of us with its funny and even icky questions. I CAN NOT wait to play it with Dustin. He is going to get a kick out of it too.

Another benefit to this game, you read the other player their question to answer. . . if only Kadi and I are playing she HAS to read the question all by herself. Otherwise I will see the answer. hehe She had the best time playing it earlier and sounded out and learned quite a few new big words! Including but not limited to nutrients, digestion, calcium and my favorite, blood . . . which she so proudly pronounced. . . exactly how it is spelled. . . blood. . . with an oo and not an uh. hehe These moments are the most rewarding thing about homeschooling. Watching her learn and her not even know it.

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